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pikashoe said:
mZuzek said:

Yeah. But, no.

You should give the plinkett reviews a watch. They break down in great detail how almost nothing in the prequels work. One of my lecturers in college even recommended the reviews.

Tried it once, couldn't stand a minute. I ain't about to watch hours of a dude breaking down why a movie I like doesn't work in any way, when it's clear he just hates them. He'll do anything to make them look shitty.

If anything, I could spend an hour writing about how The Last Jedi doesn't work at all, and that's based on just one viewing so I only remember a little. That movie's script was a total, absolute, complete and utter mess, doesn't matter how much you wanna spin it. The prequels might have been bogged down by atrocious writing and equally bad acting, as well as some questionable script choices and dreadful characters, but they at least tried to tell a consistent story, unlike The Last Jedi which just throws shit at your face every other second and expects you to swallow all of it.

You know what reminds me of The Last Jedi? The last movie of Digimon Adventure Tri. Of course, most of you wouldn't have watched it, and I'm sure it couldn't possibly be well received critically because of what it is (meaning it probably doesn't have much of a critical reception at all), but it's just like The Last Jedi. A completely incoherent mess of a story, with glaring plot holes everywhere and even more glaring bandages to cover them with nonsense fanservice, pathetically out-of-character moments, or even just lines that make absolutely no sense for any human being to ever pronounce (see: "We don't win by killing who we hate, we win by saving who we love"). Still, I could somewhat enjoy the last movie of Digimon Adventure Tri, because it was the last movie of a rather underwhelming 6-film series, in which the story just kept getting worse with each passing one, so by that point I had lowered my standards quite dramatically. The Last Jedi though, as average as Force Awakens was, it had something it had to live up to, and it failed so, so brutally hard - and it didn't just fail, it also had to basically throw a middle finger at everything Star Wars ever was, because you know, "innovation", "boldness", "new generation" whatever bullshit.