CGI-Quality said:
Seventizz said:
Ouch - kinda low in sales considering the amount of press this game receives. Mind you, this is a niche title so it’s understandable.

By comparison, PUBG on one platform (PC) has sold over 30 million units and on Xbox One it’s at over 5 million copies (as of March).

But it’s good to see that console gaming is healthy - even in the more niche segments.

I don't see how this compares with PUBG whatsoever. 

You don't get it? Let me explain. It's very simple.

Think about any game. Which one did you think about? It was Monster Hunter World, wasn't it? I knew it.
So Monster Hunter World sold around 7,8M units so far. Nice! Best selling MH game. But let's find a game that sold much better than MHW, and compare them side by side.

GTA V sold over 90M copies so far.
So let's change the "nice" to "ouch", and "Best selling" to "Kinda low."

That's how you do it.
I read it in this book I recently picked up.

Glad I could be of assistance.

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