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nemo37 said:
Hiku said:

I guess that Last of Us bundle is so expensive because it's rare these days, or something. The listings I saw were mainly for used models, and that was the only new unit I found. But upon searching further I found a PS4 with a bundled game for $350, so you're right.

As for Japan, yeah I saw that they have a deal on PS4 that's a bit lower, but the RRP is still there, just strickened through.
Pretty odd that they've only had one price drop in Japan, and two in the US.

The first price cut in both Japan and US coincided with each other, so it is odd nothing happened in Japan with regards to the price in Japan with the launch of the Slim. 


Although the strangest thing by far in Japan is why retailers are selling PS4 below RRP when the system is currently supply constrained. Typically, retailers sell above RRP when demand is higher than supply. My only guess is that the retailers are competing with each other for orders.

Yeah, that would be my guess. From the sound of it they've been selling PS4 around that price for a while. If it's a price point commonly shared among competitors, and Amazon raise the price while Bic Camera keep it as it was, I guess a large amount of people would back order it from Bic Camera. While it is a product that will be sold eventually regardless, while they're picking up a PS4 at the competitor, they may also get a game there at the same time, or a controller, etc. So being perceived as the cheapest has it's advantages.

Last edited by Hiku - on 13 May 2018