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TranceformerFX said:
Bristow9091 said:
I've never actually played the first game, although I've played the second which didn't really do anything to wow me, in fact I actually got incredibly bored with it and gave up before finishing it, both on PC and PS3 (Yeah I have it twice, lol), and that in turn put me off even thinking about trying the third game... but the first game has always interested me simply because people STILL talk about how good it was/is, and it still looks absolutely amazing graphically, whether it be vanilla or with mods... it's sort of how I still think Far Cry 2 holds up really well due to the physics, interactions and AI, despite malaria being one of the worst things ever in a game, lol.

You're not missing out on anything, the beauty of this game is only skin deep. The only thing thats remembered about this game is it's graphics. As you've probably already gathered judging by this thread.

Eh, Crysis had much more going for it than graphics. Perhaps that's all you got from it, but any hardcore Crysis player knows better. To this day, the open-ended game-play has a hard time being replicated, coupled with the interaction with the environment. No military shooter since is as in-depth (not even its sequels).

And I was serious when I said this was a thread that focuses on what good it brought to the table. Don't just come in here to crap on the game!

Last edited by CGI-Quality - on 11 May 2018