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Howdy! For a long time, I've wanted to do this. Any gaming site should have its own, dedicated, Crysis Thread. I'd prefer to keep it about the original, focusing on its impact on the industry, its cutting-edge technology, mods, and so fourth. Contribute in any way (though we're also trying to keep it positive, given it is an Official Topic). I'll post screens and footage (I'm back to modding the game), so if you have anything you'd like to share, I'd love to see it. Hard to believe this game is 11-years-old considering what many of us can still do with it!

Unlike past Official Threads, this one will have a constantly updated OP, so while it'll feel bare-bones at first, it will grow and evolve.

One screenshot to tide you over!


Eurogamer revisited the game last year:

"All hail Crysis, the "Maximum Game". How odd it feels to revisit this legendary mass-melter of motherboards, this bane of frame rates and comparison threads, on what passes for a budget gaming laptop 10 years down the line. The intro especially rouses much the same sense of everlasting absurdity and pathos you might get from Hadrian's Wall or a Microsoft Zune, an orgiastic showreel in which bullets flatten themselves against quivering artificial muscles, and North Korean troopers gape at all the high-octane graphics ability coruscating around them as they're hurled headlong into their friends. Once upon a time, you think to yourself, we called this the future. Alas, futures seldom age that gracefully."

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