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SuaveSocialist said:
What a moron. All independently verified evidence confirms they were acting in accordance to the agreement. By backing out without the support of evidence or international allies, Iran is now free to resume their nuclear weapons program.

Worse, West Korea has arbitrarily made it harder for itself to re-negotiate the terms. Since it was West Korea who reneged on the agreement, Iran has leverage to negotiate a less restrictive deal...if they're even willing to negotiate with West Korea at all.

Worse, other nations are looking at this as proof that agreements with West Korea are meaningless. This puts West Korea in a position of weakness in diplomatic negotiations, Brokering the release of West Korean prisoners from Kim-Jong Un just got a whole lot harder, and now North Korea is in a position of strength when making demands to South Korea and China during the peace talks.

So, in summary, West Korea has destabilized the Middle East (again), put its allies at risk, squandered political capital with allied nations, put the opposing side in any diplomatic negotiation in a position of strength, jeopardized the lives of her own citizens being held prisoner in North Korea, threatened the peace talks with North Korea, and all they got in return was Iran claiming a legitimate free pass to develop nuclear weapons.

Kim-Jong Drumpf's regime continues its unbroken chain of bad decisions, this one so moronic it is legendary.

Supporting incompetence of this magnitude is indefensible.

Told you he was gonna get us all killed. -_-