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curl-6 said:
Mar1217 said:
Huh ? The game had already sold through number of 1.1M in the beginning of April

Japan was around 350K sold (400K with digital approx.) at that time ...

It means the game should have sold 700K copies between Europe,RoW and NA during these 3 weeks.

I would say at best, RoW would be at 100K. Europe has never been so huge on Kirby but it looks like it's numbers are superior than previous entries so I would guess something like 200K-250K.
This would mean NA should be around 300-350K copies sold after 3 weeks of sale to get to the number we got ...

This charts numbers doesn't look right.

Although, complete and utter domination from Ninty 1st party software lol.

Well, Nintendo's numbers are shipped + digital, whereas VGChartz numbers are only sold to consumers. It is possible it's undertracked here, but the difference could be also accounted for by copies on shelves, in transit, and downloaded from the eshop.

Shipped numbers were 1.29M as of March 31st. Sold through numbers were 1.1M as of mid-April.

Don't worry I checked out my numbers before posting. I do think this game is being undertracked right now ... or it just did amazing numbers elsewhere (Rest of the World maybe ?)

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