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RolStoppable said:

Let's look at the numbers:

Nintendo's breakdown for revenue is on page 14. Revenue from smart devices is grouped with IP-related income etc., pegged at ~39 billion yen. This means that Furukawa wants to get Nintendo's smartphone business to get about thrice as big as it was during the past fiscal year.

Dedicated game hardware (Nintendo's core business) brought in 1 trillion yen in the recently ended fiscal year, of which Switch brought in ~750 billion yen, 3DS ~190 billion and Other (Mini consoles, amiibo, Wii software, Wii U software) combined for ~70 billion.

Over time Switch will gobble up the 3DS slice of the revenue pie while growing the pie as a whole, so revenue from dedicated gaming will comfortably exceed the 1 trillion yen mark in each one of the next few fiscal years. This means that Nintendo's smartphone business won't even account for 10% of their overall business if Furukawa succeeds in achieving the goal he has mentioned. Said goal was already set when Satoru Iwata was still alive, so it's not earth-shattering news.

So that's $9,165,000,000 US for dedicated hardware vs $357,435,000 US for mobile. What would be the best ways for Nintendo to increase earnings from the latter?