Nymeria said:
Lately? Sony has focused on their core market for a good decade after making mistakes. The PlayStation 4 was made with developers and gamers in mind. They also focus heavily on studios and exclusives while managing to give new ideas and reward fan favorites. Others may surprise me, but I trust Sony to deliver.

To be honest they always focused on their core market since the ps1, they just misinterpreted what their core market wanted with the ps3 and how much they could afford to spend on a console. They quickly corrected it, well, about as quickly as any company could in this industry. They fucked up in 2006 and had righted the ship by 2008 and gotten everything up the full sail by 2009. Xbox fucked up in 2013 quite as badly, if not way worse and have still in 2018 yet to show as much improvement as Sony did in that near five year time span, fixing only little things like BC and surface stuff no one really cares too deeply for, still not getting the new IP out if at all. Nintendo fucked up in late 2012 and it took then almost five years to right the hardware issue and over five to get the software issue sorted but the used those five years well and made a splash.


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