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jason1637 said:
TalonMan said:

...I'm not trying to be thick here - I'm genuinely trying to make sure I fully understand what's going on, because this sounds more than a little strange. Are you saying ALL of the thread links themselves, are dead???

 - What is the current forum that the box set to? Does the box title read "Forum - Hot Topics"?
 - What type of device and browser are you using?
 - Is there anything else at all, that you might possibly see on the page that looks either broken or out of place?

There should be a total of three distinct links, in the area for each thread in that box:
 1 - Link to the thread (the title of the link is clickable)
 2 - Link to the board that the thread has been posted in (Nintendo Discussion, Latest Charts, General Discussion, etc.)
 3 - Link to the placeholder spot, of the last post you read in the thread ("xx New").

Are all three of these links dead???

The box reads "Foruom-Hot Topics" and yes all the links there are dead but this only happens on mobile.

This is really a strange one, as I don't think anybody else has reported such a thing. What kind of device/browser are you using?

The Fury said:
Personal opinion. And being really picky. Sizes in top banner:

#mainMenu > li > a { font-size:15px } - or 1.4rem, down from 17px.

.subMenu > div > div.heading { font-size:15px; } - down from 18px, matches the 'seeAll' class in that menu.

#supporterBox { font-size: 13px; padding: 3px 15px; } - font-size down 1, padding top and bottom up 1.

#searchIconBox img, #socialMediaIconBox img { width:80% } - only because i can see a slight blur on the images, while this is how the images are, it's still annoying.

Still, doing great man, keep it up.

I'll play with those size, and see how things look...


VersusEvil said:

Mobile version, no dedicated button/link for the DB home. suggestion: add "Home" under the Game DB drop down. Also the blue doesnt go the full way across, as seen in the picture.

BUG: Mobile/Desktop; on my profile drop down it shows moderator jobs (this was a problem before but it looks like its come back coz im fairly sure you fixed that)

Yikes - that looks ugly...  :(