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Thank you so much for this thread! :)

I took your data to make one final pair of graphs and a few funfacts.

Weekly comparison

Totals comparison


BotW started out with over 2.5x opening sales.

Of 53 weeks only 5 have been won by TP. The strongest was week 3 where BotW sold only 47% of TP.
But cumulative there was never any risk of TP surpassing BotW. Lowest point was 119% at week 8.

After the launch hype settled BotW was consistantly ahead of TP. Until the holiday period started to come around. Then BotW really went into overdrive and sold up to almost 20x per week compared to TP. Granted TP did not have a holiday peroid at the same time.

After its first christmas was over BotW still shows an increased baseline compared to 2017 with around 70k currently. This is over 5x of what TP has in the same period.

With those huge legs BotW increased its sales volume to 187% of TP at the end of week 53. Going by the indicated trend of 1-2 percentpoints growth per week it has probably doubled the sales of TP by now.


BotW is truly a monster and a new peak for the series in sales. And its not done. I am still monitoring its legs (and those of other Switch games) and wonder what 2nd christmas will bring.