Nem said:
Well... from your own numbers you can see it's growth is decelarating.

Theres advantages and disavantages. I don't see it replacing physical for the time being. It is only worth it when it's cheaper. While releases are the same price as physical goods, they offer more value per money.

Oh ... that's actually a nice point !

Something we should check out for next year, if the trend is still decelarating.

JRPGfan said:
CuCabeludo said:

Today when you buy a game physical, put the disc on and discover you need to download 5GB+ day 1 patch is definitively pushing people towards digital.

^ this.

The idea that its okay to release a product thats got tons of issues, but its fine because you can just patch it lateron, is def. pushing people towards digital.

You would think Nintendo "understood" this is what people wanted (finished products that just work, on cartridge) but even they f*** it up, by often shipping small cartidges and requireing you to download half the game anyways.

Theres no getting around it, these days.

Though, it only happened with 3rd party games (Hello Crapcom !) and it was their choice to use cheaper cartridges for their games or even force a part of the game to be downloaded even when they had all the space needed for that (Hello Mega Man + X Legacy Collection), not Nintendo.

Such a poor thoughout offensive ...

vivster said:
OdinHades said:

I don't care what people say, the PSP Go was, and still is, fucking awesome! Especially with a custom firmware. I use it until this very day and I'm not even kidding. 

Best handheld ever.



It may have been a success if that price point wasn't so weird. People make a big deal out of physical media but the inherent convenience of digital media will get them all in the end.

Haha, keep dreaming.

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