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John2290 said:

Only watched ten minutes of the video however this seems like the.. He's a Youtuber and while games do make people depressed in the same way watching a full TV series on Netflx is a bad idea this seems like a different deal, he's more fuzzeled by his fans and his Youtube "responsibilites" than anything else, then he needs to get off of youtube. If I'm mistaking this whole thing and the game actually made his depressed then it's his fault for playing. I coincidentally got very depressed the second time I played TLOU remastered, I don't blame the game even though I'm sure the emotions in that game and the vibe of it had a great deal to do with it and honestly didn't even notice until I was in a hole mentally by the end of the game but if I was getting depressed becuase I'm playing a certain game and I'm not like playing the game...then that's on me completely, this game is incredible and this man seems like a contrarian who can't move forward like 2d gamers complaining about the ps1 and N64's "bad graphics and subpar gamplay"..

Got 10 minutes into his video and I couldn't listen to his complaining was making me depressed, ha. After he said this climbing isn't as good as Uncharted climbing...I'm out. This is coming from someone who LOVES Gow and DMC, both the old school DMC and the reboot.

Sounds more like you're complaining about someone esle complains because it doesn't suit your feeling.

Even his complain (somewhat silly) about climbing had it's justification. It wasn't just an angerish rambling where he gotta criticize because it ain't like "the old times".

He got his points through using gameplay logistics and also mixed feelings to point out how to him this game isn't the GOW he loved and his an inferior products to others of his genre (Action/Adventure). Biased ? Of course, but at least he can do a decent analysis.

All you did was used examples purely based on your feelings. That won't negate what he's saying.

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