Azzanation said:
Ka-pi96 said:
If it's true I expect to be massively disappointed. The reason I enjoyed the original Perfect Dark wasn't the story or anything it was the multiplayer modes with bots, something that all devs seemingly ignore completely these days and I expect Microsoft will be no different in that regard. So whatever they do with it I doubt it will even remotely resemble the Perfect Dark that I loved on the N64

Fair point, we all want another PD64 game, however lets look at the reality of the modern generation. MS already have 1 of the best sci-fi shooters on the market in Halo and bots and multiplayer modes can quite possible be added in the next Halo games. Having two Sci-Fi shooters competing over the same thing to me is a little pointless. Halo can focus on those things you mention where I see PD has a lot more potential in becoming something a lot more greater than just another MP game. I can see a true epic story in its already fantastic sci-fi world. Could quite possible become the next TR/MGS game on the market something MS can house as there very old. 

If Halo added bots for it's multiplayer modes then that would be great.

But Halo isn't really the same kind of game as Perfect Dark was so I'd still want that from any Perfect Dark game too. It's the weird characters, crazy weapons and all the different game modes and maps that made it interesting to me. Plus all the challenge modes they had as well. Timesplitters was great for the exact same reasons, understandable since it was made by the same people. But other games with bots have never really lived up to those games. Call of Duty and Killzone have had bot modes at times but it's just been regular multiplayer with bots and I'm sure if Halo were ever to add them then it would be the same, but that's not what I'm looking for.

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