Green098 said:
TalonMan said:

Well, technically this thread only needs one more update, right? I mean, this was just supposed to be a "first year" comparison of the Switch to the other consoles - and all numbers for the year are now in! 

Pretty please, with sugar on top???? Can you do one more update - I would love to see the final results!!!! :)


Bofferbrauer2 said:


Please green, just ine little update


You're in luck because I have made the decision to update this thread from yesterday's bump  and do most of that today. I was going to put Year 2 in a different new thread that links back to Year 1 or do you think having everything in one thread would be better?

Seriously??? So long as you find a way to get Year 1 done, you have my blessing to do Year 2 WHATEVER way you want!!! LOL!!!!

I'm honestly just happy as hell, to see the final results of the first year!!! I've only been waiting for this moment, since I stumbled across this thread about 6 months ago, ya know...   ;)