Kerotan said:
John2290 said:
Guerilla, ND, Santa Monica, Kojima Productions, Xdev...Sony has some series players.

Sony have the dream team when it comes to gaming. They have other top developers like insomniac and quantum dream making unique games too 

Yeah, those teams are pretty good as well as Bend (we'll see with dayz gone) and Supermassive (even though they started getting sloppy with their VR content. And while media molecule don't make games that have mass appeal they're certainly talented. Even Polyphony while I think they are to overly OCD to their own detremement and slow dev process are among the greats. 

Sony is unrivalled at this point in this regard. Would love to see them bandage back together some of the studios EA has destroyed and I'd hope to all hell that some of evolution was put under Polyphony, such a waste of a studio. 


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