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...I should take a moment to point out some of the "new" things that have been added, as well!

 - Supporters will notice the "Become a Supporter" button is now green, and indicates an "Active VGC Supporter"

 - There is a "Blast from the Past" box which regenerates charts daily. It is completely random as to which chart will appear - my only condition in the code, was charts at least 3yrs old minimum.

 - "Most Popular Games" has returned (using our new GameDB of course!!) - this is driven by daily hits on our game pages

 - Again, the main purpose for this refresh (I won't go so far as to call it a "redesign", because we really didn't go that far as to completely change everything) was to make the site mobile friendly. You should find the front page MUCH easier to navigate on your mobile devices

 - And if you are looking for the Forum Buddy, it can be accessed on the menu bar (the "3 people" icon). The Buddy can be moved and docked anywhere on your screen.

Last edited by TalonMan - on 27 April 2018