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Dark_Lord_2008 said:
1.)The MeToo Movement claims that approaching women is a crime unless they are interested in you and approach guys first.

2.)MeToo Movement jumps up and down and make lots noise about sexual harassment.

1.)  No it doesn't.  There's a difference between harassing a women and approaching one.  You're fine with approaching a woman.  You're not fine if you tell a stranger to suck your dick.  You're fine with asking a woman out.  You're not fine if you spend the next 15 minutes stalking her and asking her out another 15 times.  You're fine if you ask a woman out.  You're not fine if you call her a s*** just because she didn't say yes.  

2.)  MeToo is a group of people sharing their stories about being raped, about being assaulted, etc.