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John2290 said:
Replayed the demo again with the knowledge that this will be the deal after scenes, I'm really, really disappointed in this one. I'd heard they were making a choice based game where choices actually mattered. The story will have to be beyond stellar to get me on this day one, perhaps it will but this will be a bargin bin sale for me other wise. Very pretty, indeed, coming out of the elevator I kept expecting the game to continue as a cutscene and the VA and animations are phenomenal both on the androids and humans, I'll say that in it's favour, they really knew where to cut the facial movements out for the androids which adds to believablity.

I mean, there is nothing forcing people to replay the scenes. You 100% have the option to continue playing after every scene without rewinding. The devs have said that each of your 3 main characters can die, and that you can continue playing on with the remaining characters. For instance, in the demo, which is the very first scene for Connor in the main game if I'm not mistaken, he can die by falling off the building, and you can keep playing with the other 2 characters from there, effectively ending Connors part in the story. If I'm not mistaken, all 3 characters can die, which is a game over, or you can finish the game with only 1/3 remaining.