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Barkley said:
shikamaru317 said:

This is actually less than I expected. Sonic Generations sold around 2m in the same amount of time, and it was more expensive on release than Mania was. Of course Generations had a physical release and Mania didn't. Hopefully the Mania physical release sells well this Summer.

Generations was designed to have a much wider appeal, Mania is a 2d game with Sega Genesis graphics, it just doesn't have a wide enough appeal.

Which is why even forces has sold more, sadly.

I always figured it was mainly the 2D nostalgia factor that made Generations sell well, and Mania has nostalgia coming out the wazoo. Afterall, Forces is basically Generations 2.0 from a gameplay perspective and has barely sold half of what Generations had sold in the same amount of time. But, I guess Generations really did appeal to both 3D fans and 2D fans, which is how it was able to sell so well. 

Forces selling more than Mania despite reviewing more than 20 points lower and costing twice as much on release makes me worried about a potential future Mania 2. Sega hinted at Mania 2 at the SXSW panel, but with sales only at 1m after 8 months, I'm a bit worried about rather or not we'll actually get Mania 2. It was almost certainly profitable since it was developed by 2 small indie studios, but still, I can't help but be worried. Hopefully Mania physical release sells well this summer. I want to see at least another 300k physical sales for Mania in the first month. 

Last edited by shikamaru317 - on 24 April 2018