tokilamockingbrd said:
SecondWar said:

Can you name one piece of Obama legislation that you see as this? 

From where I'm sitting, I think you're confusing drawing attention to a legitimate issue with being racist or having such an agenda. For example - Colin Kaepernick.

no legislation.

Nice clock Ahmed

If he I a son he would look like him (In regard to Travon martin).

He used his highly visible position to take divisive stances. He attacked cops and politicized every single thing to make it look as racist as possible. 

These are your examples of identity politics?  Like what.  

I guess Zuckerberg also created identity politics because he reached out to Ahmed too.  

When did he "attack" cops?  


Yeah, let's just pretend it's all Obama's fault.  Racism was practically gone before he came around. You can ask any black person about that and they'll agree.