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VGPolyglot said:
Barkley said:


Now, things are a bit tricky here, I didn't notice it at first but upon others pointing it out to me I'm seeing more flaws:


  1. The Nintendo games don't include some 3DS games and I assume it's because of flaw #2
  2. The metric is "PlayStation exclusive" vs. "Nintendo games", which is not a 1:1 comparison, though I guess it's confusing considering that Super Bomberman R is included in there
  3. Will the list be updated now that Super Bomberman R and Hellblade are not console exclusives anymore? (or at least won't be)
  4. I'm assuming that this is a digital-only list?


Were any of those games not known as exclusives at the time of review? If so they should probably be excluded.
I'm also not sure why the list would be missing some 3DS games because of reason #2. 3DS games are Nintendo games in the same way that Fire Emblem Warriors is a Nintendo game for example. What games do you consider Nintendo games as opposed to Nintendo exclusives, and how does it relate to the 3DS games you're referring to that are missing?

Last edited by Hiku - on 21 April 2018