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Hiku said:
OTBWY said:

I made an edit about 3 minutes later (I was busy to), but you were too fast in your quotation. But now I see that there was no joke at play here.

That is exactly why it is ridiculous to claim that Edge is biased against a platform. Exactly because of what you said. It is a ridiculous claim, and me posting perfect scores suggest that they are rather diverse in their scoring and consistent over the years up until today, don't you agree?

Well the original idea here is that Edge is biased, or pro Nintendo. So that is what I commented on. Now going on to general scores (today of course), it still doesn't hold up  as they are again very diverse across all platforms. The other person could try to compare meta scores and Edge scores of Nintendo games and get about the same results I can assure you.

The only joke I made was the "Bias against Xbox exclusives" portion.
The difference is that I implied it immediately. It wasn't an afterthought that I edited in afterwards. Not sure how you thought I would take your comment as a joke without the second line you edited in afterwards, which indeed I did not see, but if you say it was intended as a joke I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.

Here's the thing. Me disagreeing with your method of gauging bias does not mean that I'm automatically saying that they are biased.
I some times disagree with methods regarding opinions I agree with, and they often presume I disagree with the opinion as well.
Although in this case I don't agree with any conclusion. But I would entertain the idea by looking at proposed evidence. And I think the way Barkley tallied scores is a more relevant way to gauge this because there are more ways to give preferential treatment than just the highest possible score.

I think it's fair to say that Edge in recent times generally give lower scores across the board than most publications. And also that in the past few years they've given Playstation exclusives notably lower scores than for Nintendo. That may just be a coincidence. If anyone wants to extend that list back a few more years, I'd be interested in seeing if it changes.

Either way, scores by themselves don't say much to me. I'd have to read the review to know if the game is to my liking and if the reviewer considered the things I like a positive or negative.
For example:

Persona 5 :                          Meta - 93         Edge - 80
Nier Automata :                 Meta - 88         Edge - 80
Arms                                  Meta: 77    Edge: 90

When they score Arms above Tekken 7 in the same issue...

EDGE just want to be EDGY

Also yeah, Nintendo games are usually very high on their scores, despite if it is the concensus or not.