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Seems like he's just taking what was already leaked/known for the most part and putting it together, except he can't even get the name of Electric Square right

Electric Square (Not Madness) Forza spinoff is all-but confirmed at this point, Perfect Dark was leaked by the same API leaker who leaked Fable IV months ago as was the Japan setting for Horizon 4 and speculation that something is happening for Banjo's 20th Anniversary but he maintained that it's most likely not a game.

Perfect Dark will likely have only entered development sometime this year so a 2019 release is near impossible, only new leak in there is Halo Genesis, I seriously doubt they're rebooting the series (Depends what that means though).

Putting this one down as definitely fake but some of the stuff is very likely legit either way like Perfect Dark/Electric Square Forza Spinoff.