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John2290 said:
the-pi-guy said:

I haven't. 

But I understood a fair portion of the story without it, though far from all .

Have you gained an interest in Cosmic horror or lovecraft since? I see so much anime now (which I haven't watched since DBZ) incorporate lovecraftian themes and they are so much more rich because of it. I very much doubt I'd have watched devil man cry baby? Stiens gate or anime at all at the age of 27 if it weren't for this yet I know that with that at least there is no prerequisite knowledge required to enjoy them. Bloodborne is a different beast though and I can't decide is it a bad choice on the devs side to provide so little for fresh faces or are they genius or were they simply being elitist or shortsighted...well, there are still threads popping up two years later and we're talking about it so I guess they did something right. ^_^

I would say I do have more of an interest.  

I absolutely love what Bloodborne has done with its story.