Xen said:
Bloodborne dun fucked it up in the story department as far as I am concerned: I have not read the aforementioned novels, but I should not need to: Demon's Souls and Dark Souls presented an engaging story without any prior knowledge of anything, Bloodborne fails to do so for me.

I have finished the game, but doubt that I'll be returning to it upon - if, I ever read those works.

Yet for me BB evoked a story and world greater than the others and did it with subtlety and awe. The thread though is not adressing whether it does or not though bit rather how much you benifet (or not) from a knowledge of cosmic horror lore when playing BB. 

Perhaps you're right though and their should have been more done to help fresh people into it, on the devs side but I can't think of anything that wouldn't detract from the awe of it all. 


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