I finally understand why there is such a controversy over bloodbornes story. Either you've read Cosmic horror prior to playing Bloodborne, Particularly HPL's Chtulhu mythos or something that has taken inspiration from the work.




You haven't.


After reflecting on BB's story and trying to pinpoint where it picked up for me for Hiku in their thread http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/thread.php?id=235744&page=1#28 I realized everything about the story that and my love for it relies on me having a love for Cosmic horror prior to playing the game. I have to wonder is it even possible to discern Bloodbornes narrative if you aren't familiar with Lovecraft lore and the terminology...

So my question and the point of this thread is to ask you, did you discern bloodbornes story with or without prior cosmic horror knowledge or at all?

Lets poll this. 


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