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Faelco said:
Bristow9091 said:
It's always nice when competing companies can still congratulate each other for their success or just get along in general, although it's a shame many "fans" can't be the same way, lol

"Get along"... It's PR. They are all friendly and smiling when they do PR, that's all. Spencer has already said in interviews some pretty bad things about Sony (don't remember what, but I remember a big thread about it), Sony surely did the same. And they try to steal games to each other basically all the time. 


They are enemies. They will smile together for the camera, sure, and send each other cute messages on Twitter, no problem. But they dream about putting the other guy jobless and will do whatever they can to that end.


Fans just don't have millions of people listening to what they're saying, or their job on the line, so can say whatever they want. 

You're right, it probably is PR, and I know that. But at least they're PRETENDING to be civilised, which is more than I can say for some of their fans, lol.