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Bandorr said:
Hiku said:
He usually gets backlash from certain portions of the Xbox community when he says these things.
Brb, grabbing some popcorn, and gonna check out the replies to his tweet.

Those are interesting comments. Although a set of them do leave me pondering.

One person says "why congratulate Sony on this when they didn't congratulate you on Sea of thieves".

With another responding "if they congratulated them on Sea of thieves it would have been seen as a joke. Like congratulating someone for getting a D on a test".

Thoughts? Should congratulations be limited to successes, or for anything?

I was about to say this in reply to another post, before seeing yours.
And I think that could be something worth thinking about for Sony's PR team. I was thinking they could chose something specific to congratulate Sea of Thieves on, like how it's the "fastest selling new IP for MS published Xbox One games" or whatever they said it was. But that could also run the risk of sounding a bit snarky. Because by not mentioning the obvious things like critical reception, you can draw more attention to them.

Maybe it's best to be silent in some situations. I'm guessing Phill didn't congratulate Sony on No Man's Sky's release for example? That was probably a wise choice, in that case.