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I'm planning to begin work on revamping the Private Messaging pages, a bit. They're effective, but fairly clunky in my opinion. In advance of doing this work, though, I was looking to lock down exactly where the bottlenecks might be that were dragging the whole process down so badly, and I think I've found (and corrected) those problems.

I'd like to get some feedback from the community regarding the following:

  1 - Has the performance improved within the past 24hrs? Are you noticing that sending PMs are much faster now? Slower? No change??

  2 - What features would you like to see added?

  3 - What (in your opinion) is either broken or could be done better?


Again - the main purpose of this thread is to confirm whether the performance issues have been addressed. It's important that I get that problem under control and out of the way, before I begin new development. So please, if you only ever use PMs sporadically at best - take a moment and let me know how it's working today.


Thank you...