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thismeintiel said:

1.) Except there are laws that do hinder or prevent it. It's different in every state/county/city. Some allow donating expired food, if it is still good, while others ban it outright. Some have regulations on what can be donated and/or how it's handled. It all adds up to extra time/manpower/cost that just becomes too much of a hassle to some companies.

2.)  It doesn't really matter if no one has sued, yet. In this sue happy time, it only takes the threat of one for people to not even bother. And you get a judge who often sides with the "underdog" even if they are in the wrong. Of course, the key word there was public record. Who knows what lies within any that were sealed.

3.)  As for your first comment, yes, greed can lead to others starving. However, that is a human condition that has nothing to do with capatilism. If anything, it is capatilism that has raised so many out of poverty and starvation. And with so many doing so well, it is easier to find those who have the means to donate to those less fortunate.

4.) In socialist societies, it is not the lack of incentive that leads to starvation, but a central government or dictator who oppressed their/his/her people to remain in power. Often their greed and poor policies are what leads to a lack of resources and/or food. 

1.)  The whole point of the Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Food Act is that it overrides state laws, so that all companies don't have to worry about individual states.  Unless you can cite an example of a local law that overrides the Bill Emerson Food Act, the liability concerns are only a belief and there are no actual laws that stop it from happening.  

2.)  Yes, all those food suits are getting sealed.  That's definitely what is happening.  

3.)  Capitalism does both.  It feeds people by motivating them, and creates a strong economy.  But Capitalism doesn't offer guarantees, which leads to people starving.  

4.)  There's different types of socialist governments.  Not all are the same.

thismeintiel said:

I thought it was best by on milk, too. I've drank it a few days after that date before and it was fine. Definitely wouldn't risk a full week after, though. Lol. 

It varies, a lot.  There are no national standards.  Even by the same company, you can have the same product branded different ways.  One milk might have "best by", the one right behind it might say "sell by".  That usually doesn't happen, but it can.