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PDF said:
Carl2291 said:
Haha, having all the legacy rounds included is a nice little touch.

Agreed,  I spent some time looking at them.  I entered far fewer rounds than I thought.


Round 1

I think the easiest bet is the XB1, with the average being sup 110k.  Based on recent weekly trends its seem to stabilize right about that number.  The 3DS is the hardest bet with the average at 50k.  It easily could go + or - 50k based on the past few weeks. NS, PS4, PSV are all possible money makers too.  

Normally in the past, I would never share my opinion before a locked round but I think starting some dialogue would be interesting.

Totally agree with the 3DS being the hardest piece of hardware to speculate on!! Mostly because in some respects, I feel like it's competing with the Switch for mindshare when it comes to the less informed parents and grandparents out there!! Just my two pennies of thought...   

...that said - it might not be a bad idea (and I actually kind of like it!!) for a thread to automatically generate, each time Kirby starts up a new round. Allow for discussions on an upcoming round and get a deeper dive on any hints Kirby might have opened up the round with. Besides, it's really in ALL of our interest that players are better informed before making their commitment, since we are all affected by the averages - and this will become even more noticeable, once we start bringing software to the table! Obviously, we won't be looking to make predictions FOR other players - but since we're all playing against the house, it doesn't hurt to have everybody better educated.

I like it, and it shouldn't be all that difficult to implement - I'll just want think on it, a bit more...