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Most Preferred Game Characteristics

-quality narrative
-female lead
-retro aesthetics
-creative gameplay

Nier: Automata? It meets all those requirements.
If someone says that 2017 was the best year for gaming, chances are they already played it. But looking at your game preference, you may not have.
While most of the gameplay is a stylish hack & slash with jrpg elements,

clever use of dynamic camera angles can at any point switch the gameplay to a platformer, or bullet hell shooter.

It can even play like Castlevania:

The story very philosophical and made a friend of mine say "I never realized how beautiful the world is".
Without spoiling anything, it's about a conflict between androids, humanity and robots. And the story is played from the point of view of three different characters (two of whom are female), and you get to take different paths through the story because of that.

The setting takes you through a nice variety of locations.

In terms or retro visuals, there's only a bit of that. Mainly when you use one of the main character's hacking skills.

The music is absolutely fantastic, and it's no wonder it won Best Soundtrack at the 2017 Videogame Awards.

You do a lot more in this game than just kill things though.
This person does a much better job than me at explaining why people should play this this masterpiece:

I'm currently on route C, (which is actually not an alternate route, but a continuation of the story after clearing routes A and B),  and even though I'm not finished with the game, I can already tell its something very special.

Last edited by Hiku - on 05 April 2018