think-man said:
John2290 said:

God damn man. Do you even have the time to play the games? At what point does your budget overlap your free time? I don't have a budget per say but I do have a time cap of about 60 hours. What's your time limit within one month?

Honestly no, I have a huge pile of games still sitting in plastic seals. I blame online shopping xD I usually have a couple of games arriving every week, that and I buy lots of digital. 

Save the money dude, dig deep into your backlog for a couple of months and use the incurred savings to buy a beefy VR future proof PC seperate from any you have already and preorder a Vive pro use these in a room or garage where you can set up a VR room scale experience worthy of a dev setup or do litterally anything else with the extra 100 a week. Don't be flushing money down the toilet dude.


China Numba wan!!