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mutantsushi said:
CaptainExplosion said:
I stand with Japan on this, because Putin can get poisoned by fugu for all I care.

Interesting. But do you stand with the Japan which acknowledged renouncing the territory in SF Peace Treaty? Which negotiated final peace treaty with Soviets in exchange for smaller island & rocks only? Or the Japan which pretends that never happened? What was your position on the issue before President Putin was first elected, when the historical and legal facts were the same as they are now? Or do you not really care about legal/diplomatic details, but merely maintain personal emnity for somebody you've only seen thru mass media? (if you had personal dealing with Vladimir Putin, before or after his Presidency, that obviously is valid re: your personal opinion of him)

Putin is still a murderer and a fascist, while Japan did a great job of turning around after they lost World War II. Putin on the other hand made Russia a horrible place to live again, and still hasn't answered for poisoning innocent people or letting airline passengers die.