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PSintend0 said:
spurgeonryan said:
Some of the things you argue about sometimes surprise me. Like people arguing the Planet is flat or the moon is an alien satellite here to spy on us. That gives me the same kind of surprise.

Most women I have ever seen breast feed use a blanket. There is a reason the public goes so crazy when they don't. If you do not understand that reasoning then you should look deep down to understand. Even atheist, communist vgchart philosophers should try to have some sort of moral compass. When is enough enough?

In ancient societies killing was perfectly normal and it was "natural" to be nude. Does that mean in today's society we should just accept it?

Yes, I am a prude but also have been know to seek out nude females.

Where is the line? Different parts of the body can be considered sexual and different lines have been drawn in the past. Should we cover all? Only below the belt? Only above the neck? Bottom is dirty, so that and maybe feet? Should only men cover their brest area, because it only has sexual funktion and no other function (feeding babies)? Fingers, the source of bacteria and who knows what, should we cover them?

If being naked in public was made legal, would everyone just walk and talk around naked? Would there be chaos? Would the benches be covered in poop and sweaty ass prints?

They're already covered in piss anyway, so how much worse could it really get?