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With the re-introduction of the Prediction League (and with @kirby007 insisting!!), I figured it might be a good time to educate the community as to how exactly you can earn VG$ (the currency used for all League activities). The majority of your VG$ are generated through game database contributions (right now, this is actually the only way to earn them). The following is a break-down of the VG$ you can earn, based upon the type of database submission:

 - New game added: $1.50
 - Banner added: $2.50
 - Boxart added: $2.00
 - Summary added: $4.50
 - Release Date added: $.75
 - Game information updated:
      - Alternate Name added (Japan, PAL, NA): $.75 each
      - Genre updated: $.50
      - Developer updated: $.75
      - Game rating added (CERO, PEGI, ESRB): $.50 each
 - Screenshot added: $.50 each
 - Extras added (Trophy, Achievement, etc.): $.50
 - Cheats added (Maps, Passwords, Walkthroughs, etc.): $1.50
 - FAQs added: $.25 + proceeds from FAQs purchased by community
 - Critic Review added: $1.00

There will be additional opportunities made available for earning VG$, but these are the only ways available today (beyond the initial $1000 you are given at sign-up). If you have any questions regarding how to submit any of the above, feel free to read up on the excellent Database Tutorial assembled by @versusevil and @vgpolyglot - I will update this thread as new features are added. In the meantime, feel free to keep banging away at our game database!!!!


Note: Please keep in mind that any attempt to "game" the system in order to generate additional VG$, will not be looked upon very favorably and could quickly lead to your being banned from any future database submissions. We absolutely want (and continue to encourage!!) our community to take part in helping build our game database - but we will not tolerate any abuse, for the sole sake of trying to increase your VG$. Thanks!!