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Please join me in congratulating Ryuu and CGI-Quality on their appointment as Deputy Head Moderators!

Both of these guys have very helpful and active since they joined the mod team, and have made great contributions in a number of ways.  They'll join me in helping to manage many aspects of the mod team, including:

- Team Management, such as mod hiring
- Escalations
- Announcements and communications
- Official threads
- Reviewing reports
- New Moderator Training
- Dealing with "Special" users
- Summary reporting
- Site fixes related to the mod team

In many ways these two, along with several other members of the team, have already been helping in these areas.  We have an experienced team at this point, so even though Ryuu and CGI-Quality will be in these roles, they'll have plenty of assistance from the team.  Thanks to these two for the efforts to date, and thanks to the entire mod team.

A separate announcement will be posted imminently about new moderator recruiting.  Watch for it!


Last edited by Miguel_Zorro - on 01 April 2018