Bought or downloaded close to 60 games since december, mostly VR titles. Platinumed 5, finished at least 25. Maybe 5-10 games that I dropped off on mid way through. Gave a good hard go of the rest and got the most out of them, a good chuck of 70 plusers on the trophy meter. And there are 3 or 4 I've yet to try out.
I don't have a problem with back logging games, I tend to get around to them at some point, even many that I drop an hour in, I'll return a few times and the majority of games will catch me when the mood is right...the rest, well if it hadn't caught me after a hand full of attempts to get kick started into it then Its most likely shite and gets deleted.
Of course PSN freebies don't count, they just keep throwing titles at us as the months go by but they are always there if I somehow hit a dry spot which isn't likely on Playstation.


China Numba wan!!