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Stuart23 said:
RolStoppable said:
Movie adaptations of games have to work with weak source material as far as stories go. What makes games interesting is the interactivity, but with that being removed for a movie, there's only a shell left.

Movies about the topic of games aren't bound to any source material, so they are properly written like actual movies, hence the notably better results.

That is a really good explanation. Still don't excuse the poor directing and poor acting of most of game adaptations tho.

If we look at the vice versa situation - movies adapted to video games - it has been very common that many corners were cut during development because the movie license itself costed a lot of money. That's why most video games based on movies have sucked. The quality of the game was of little concern, because fans of the movie would buy the game anyway.

If a movie studio pays for a video game license, it's probably not too different. They settle for mediocre authors, directors and actors because fans of the video games will pay to watch the movie anyway.

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