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I will not buy a Bandai Namco game for the rest of 2018 (including stuff like Smash if they helped develop it).

It's become clear that I (and other Switch owners) are invisible to them, what we buy/support doesn't matter to them. Only the chosen PS4 owners may play all their games, whether they end up buying them or not (unconditional support for Sony vs. "let's see if this test game sells, then we'll look into supporting you" for Nintendo). I'm sick of this.

No word on FighterZ even though Xenoverse 2 did so well. Announced a Tales game one year ago but haven't mentioned it since. One Piece skipping Switch. SC6 skipping Switch. Gundam Breaker and SRW skipping Switch. Now God Eater 3. This is going to continue, they are NOT interested in Switch versions of their games. They made their decision before the Switch even released and now we get late ports at best.

This is bullshit. I'm not going to support a company like this any longer.

Don't think buying Xenoverse 2 or that fucking Naruto Collection is going to get us new games. They think we're suckers for buying those late ports. This is just like how Capcom behaved during the Wii days. We passed their tests (Umbrella Chronicles, RE4 etc.), but as a reward we got more shitty games or late ports. This is not a cycle you can break out of.

If you don't remember the third party cycle from the Wii days, it goes like this:
Shitty game/late port sells -> more shitty games/late ports because they sell
Shitty game/late port doesn't sell -> no more games

We're right back to this, but this time it's even more infuriating because these PS4 games can run on a Switch with minor adjustments. GE3 looks like a fucking Vita game. There is no excuse for this, it's just pure fuckery.


If you're under some delusion that BN is going to "course correct" one day, I have a bridge to sell to you.


 I don't give a shit about this company anymore. I don't care about what they do anymore. I'm out.