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I'm not buying it.

a. It's, they have shaky sources at best. I saw Zhuge locked the ResetEra thread on this leak stating that is unreliable.

b. There are have been alot of hints at an AC China or AC Japan game over the years, from the Samurai Armor with the Assassin's emblem on it in Rainbow Six Siege, to the artwork in the AC Unity collector's edition artbook of an Asian temple (alongside main series settings), to the recent Assassin's Creed Dynasty art leak just a few months back.

If this rumor, and the original Kotaku rumor from 2016 stating that Bayek would have a trilogy of games, are correct, that would mean the soonest they could release an AC Asia game would be 2023 (2 year gap between AC Games now), so I see no reason why there would be teases for an AC Asia game as far back as 2014 if one won't release until 2023.

Last edited by shikamaru317 - on 18 March 2018