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DICE has detailed the upcoming changes to the progression system which will come in 2 updates, the first on March 21st, the 2nd in April.


March 21st update

-The new progression system will be linear, not random. You will earn XP for playing as trooper classes, reinforcements, heroes, ships, and vehicles, which will level up those various classes. Each level up gives you 1 skill point, which you can use to unlock star cards. 

-The costs for star cards under the new update is 1 for grey, 1 for green, 1 for blue, and 1 for purple, so it no longer costs more to unlock higher level star cards like it did before.

-Crates will no longer be purchasable, you will only get them from the daily login and from completing milestone and timed challenges, and they will contain cosmetic items and/or credits only.

-Your current level progress for classes/heroes/etc. will be maintained, so if you have a level 20 trooper right now, it will still be level 20 in the new update.

-The level requirements to unlock blue and purple star cards are as follows in the new update:

  • Trooper: 22/35
  • Starfighter/Hero/Hero Ship: 12/25
  • Aerial/Enforcer: 12/16
  • Armor/Speeder: 12/20

April update

-Microtransactions will return, you will be able to buy crystals both in-game and through 3rd party stores. 

-You will be able to use crystals that you either bought with real money or earned through in-game challenges, as well as credits that you have earned in-game, to buy current and new cosmetics for troopers and heroes, with new cosmetics planned to be added to the game over time. One example of a cosmetic given is the ability to change the species of your troopers in the Rebellion and Resistance from human to Rodian. DICE recommends saving any credits and crystals you have right now until this update has released, so you can use them to buy cosmetics.

-Crafting parts which you have earned in-game prior to this update will be converted into skill points, at a rate of 40 crafting parts per skill point. DICE recommends not spending any crafting parts you earn prior to this update since higher level star cards will be cheaper with skill points than they are with crafting parts.

Last edited by shikamaru317 - on 16 March 2018