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Thread Introduction

The Switch Gamers Club exists to provide statistical data that isn't covered by VersusEvil's/Volterra_90's/DreadPirateRoberts' Switch Third Party Society:

The Switch Gamers Club keeps track of both first party and third party software. However, the Switch Gamers Club will focus on first party games because the creator of the thread is not a fan of redundancy, nor does he want to undermine the hard work that has been done in the Nintendo Switch Third Party Society thread. If you want to make it known which third party games you own, you are welcome to do so in the Nintendo Switch Third Party Society. The Switch Gamers Club provides you with the opportunity to make it known which first party games you own while your third party titles will be reduced to the mere number you own. The Switch Gamers Club would also like to track some interesting statistics, so please read up on which information you are supposed to share.

The Switch Gamers Club will not have a Members Leaderboard, but it will compile comprehensive standings for first party games that will be posted on the first day of every month. The Members list will merely be in alphabetical order, because for one, the focus is on statistical data, and two, this isn't a competition.

Important note: Here is the link to a Google spreadsheet that contains all collected data. The second post of this thread displays links to the posts with monthly summaries.

Things to Keep in Mind When Sharing Your Information

1. Only games that you actually own count. If you sold, gifted or lost games, then they do not count. Should you sell, gift or lose games after you've submitted them at a previous point in time, it would be welcome if you provided an update on your state of ownership. Free downloads don't constitute ownership, so they will not be counted.

2. List the first party games you own by name. Also note if you own them in physical (P) or digital (D) format. Games that are not noted as either format will default to digital (D) in the statistics.

3. List the third party games you own as a number. Also note how many of them you own in physical (P) or digital (D) format. A lack of notice for the format will make the games default to digital (D) in the statistics.

4. Cases with potential uncertainty whether a game is physical or digital: The existence of a Switch game card is the determining factor. A physical box that comes with a download code counts as a digital game, because there is no game card. Boxed games with a mandatory download, such as WWE 2k18, count as physical, because a game card exists.

5. Do not edit your posts. It's only going to be a hassle to sort such a mess out. If you have an update or correction to make, create a new post because this will ensure that your update/correction is seen.

6. An example of what I'd like to see you post:

Breath of the Wild (P)
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (D)
5 third party games: 2 physical, 3 digital

Games With Uncertainty Whether They Are First or Third Party

This list will be updated over time. Since all digital-only games are commonly assumed to be third party, any digital-only first party game will have to be added to this list, unless it's blatantly obvious that it is a Nintendo game.

Bayonetta - Third party. Nintendo is merely the publisher. Sega owns the IP and copyright.
Bayonetta 2 - First party. Nintendo funded the game and shares the copyright with Sega.
Bayonetta 3 - Same as Bayonetta 2.
BOXBOY! + BOXGIRL! - First party. Developed by HAL Laboratory, the makers of Kirby.
Cadence of Hyrule - First party. Nintendo is the owner of the The Legend of Zelda IP.
Fire Emblem Warriors - First party. Nintendo is the owner of the Fire Emblem IP.
Flip Wars - First party. Nintendo had a hand in this one.
Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition - First party. Nintendo is the owner of the The Legend of Zelda IP.
Kemono Friends Picross - First party. Nintendo holds the trademark for Picross. A collaboration with Kadokawa properties doesn't change that.
Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle - First party. Nintendo is the owner of the Mario IP.
Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 - First party. Same situation as Bayonetta 2+3, but shared copyright with Marvel instead of Sega.
Picross S - First party. Nintendo holds the trademark for Picross.
Picross S2 - Same as above.
Picross S3 - Same as above.
Pokken Tournament DX - First party. Nintendo holds the copyright and trademarks of the Pokémon IP.
Snipperclips (Plus): Cut It Out, Together! - First party. Nintendo is the publisher and holds the copyright.
Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido - First party. Nintendo is the co-developer, publisher and holds the copyright.
Tetris 99 - Licensed by the Tetris Company, new gameplay elements by Nintendo. Only counts if paid for (see below).

Special Cases of DLC That Counts

DLC will not be counted in general, because this thread is about game ownership, not any extras that were bought for it. Also, games commonly have a multitude of different purchase options for DLC, so the spreadsheet would inevitably get way too bloated over time if DLC were to be included. However, there are exceptions.

Tetris 99 - The purchase of the DLC results in ownership of Tetris 99, unlike the "free" version that comes with a subscription to Nintendo Switch Online and constitutes a rental. Make sure to explicitly state that you paid for Tetris 99 to get it added to the spreadsheet.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna ~ The Golden Country - Originally planned to be plain DLC, it was eventually released as a physical standalone game that included a code to download extras for the main game Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Since the physical version of Torna must count as its own game, I decided that purchases of the digital Xenoblade Chronicles 2 expansion pass count as a digital game.

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