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Barkley said:
Jigsawx1 said:

Yesterday i looked in the Highscores of cod ww2 and i saw that in the multiplayer are 9.4 million users played minimum 1 round. We know that some people only play the story or others only play the zombiemode. So we can estimate that codww2 sold 10 million copies on Xboxone reatil+ digital which means that there is a very high ratio for digital at around ( 45%)

I wrote this on the gamepage of codwwII (Xone) too.

So it would be interesting to know how much players are registered on the ps4 and the pc at the highscore lists on each platform with that we would know how big every multiplayer fanbase on every platform is and we could estimate if a game is overtracked or the ratio between retail and digital is lower.

Users played does not equal sales, because of used games, multiple accounts, sharing a console, lending to a friend, renting games. etc.

However I would say, with no actual evidence, that XBO has a marginally higher digital ratio than ps4.

If you want some possible evidence... EA have said a few times that FIFA`s digital % lags behind the market average due to the fact it sells so well in countries where digital sales aren`t as popular. With PS4 being easily the most popular console for FIFA it would be logical to assume that it has a significantly higher % of its userbase in those countries too and as such would have a lower digital attach rate than Xbox on a worldwide basis.