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trent44 said:

I think it is important to have a list of physical games on the Nintendo Switch.

When I go through E-Shop Icons or Wikipedia text looking at the list of games I tend to not notice a ton of good games.

I was browsing Amazon today and saw the box art of a some cool looking games I never noticed before while going through the other lists. Even added some to my birthday amazon wish list.

Physical games on Amazon get a 20% prime discount and I save on install space.

All this effects what games I actually buy.

The impact of these lists omitting which games are physical is a detriment to consumers like myself and likewise the small publishers that could use the extra visibility.

So, thank you for this thread and your efforts to build and maintain this list. I much appreciate it.


Fyi - Best Buy has the better deal on new games. Don't get me wrong, I use Amazon Prime too - but for whatever reason, they don't always offer the 20% discount on every game, when they do it's for a limited time, and there is NO rewards program.

BestBuy, on the other hand, has their Gamer Unlocked Club. It's $35 for two years, and for that you get:

 - 20% on EVERY new game - doesn't matter how long the game has been out, and most importantly, this discount is also applied to an Special Edition versions, too!!! I cannot tell you how much money I've save with this - hell, I made up my $35 outlay just purchasing NBA Gold!


- They have a reward program (I believe it's $.50 per $1 spent) - whatever it is, it adds up FAST! I've gotten several $5 and $10 certificates that work just like a gift card - you apply them at checkout and POOF!! Instant savings!!!


Like I said - I still shop at (and will continue to shop at) Amazon, but when it comes to my Switch collection Best Buy gets priority. I HIGHLY recommend you check it out...