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pitzy272 said:
Mar1217 said:

It's like you don't remember E3 flash sales, holiday sales + every so often got big discount. The game was on top during these months due to that. No need to be an insider, just observe Amazon and NPD threads.


If you just wanna point me as a downer, then do so. Fact is the game sold really well. Fact also is that legs are also due to heavy discounts and bundling.

What bundling are you referring to? I have never seen a HZD bundle in the US. The bundles this fall were SWBF, CODWW2, and Destiny 2. 

And Horizon did fantastic numbers and showed good legs before there was ever a price cut or major sale. And its sales and official price cut came later than they do for a lot of games. The majority of HZD’s sales were at $60. To attribute HZD’s success, in any way, to sales or a price cut is ridiculous.

You very much seem to be downplaying Horizon’s sales. Not sure what the agenda is.

1) Bundles did exist for the game. Mostly in Europe as far as I'm aware, coincidentaly being the territory where it sold best.

2) Huh ... yes it did. I never denied any of that. It's numbers were head-to-head with Zelda during the 1st financial quarter. You're putting words into my mouth that I never spoke.

3) It's an amount of  factors that made HZD the sucess it is, but price cut/sales are usually one of the biggest factor why games keeps selling well.Not the sole factor but it's not something you can brush off just because you feel entitled.

4) The only thing that came from this is your insecurity towards other observations.

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