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Kerotan said:
Hiku said:

Wow, I heard a rumor that this would be "the best month since PS Plus started" and it's not easy to argue against that.
I haven't played any of these games, so you bet I'm going to be all over this. Especially Bloodborne.

I try to buy 1 year subscriptions when they go on sale for around $35. Did it twice in a row so far.

Greatest sub service ever when you buy at that price. 

I usually like it just for the PS+ discounts I buy every now and then. Got Resident Evil Revelations 2 + Season Pass for $6. Catherine for $2, Guilty Gear Revelator for $9, etc. Mainly because the discounts consistently appear for games I want, sooner or later. But Iv've gotten some nice games for free over the past 2 years as well that I would have bought myself at some point anyway. Yakuza 5, InFamous: Second Son, Metal Gear Solid V, Resident Evil Remake, and now Bloodborne.
I'll try out Rachet & Clank and Rime as well. And I also enjoyed Life is Strange, and that's a game I probably wouldn't have bought otherwise.