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Wow, I heard a rumor that this would be "the best month since PS Plus started" and it's not easy to argue against that.
I haven't played any of these games, so you bet I'm going to be all over this. Especially Bloodborne.

CrazyGamer2017 said:
Errorist76 said:

I don't know. I paid 40,- € for my last year subscription. I saved more than that on the 3 games I bought around XMas alone.

Best service I ever paid for tbh, but to each his own. 

Well €40 is a fairly decent deal, I don't know where you live but over here it's €60 for a year (About $74) which I am not willing to shell out.

I try to buy 1 year subscriptions when they go on sale for around $35. Did it twice in a row so far.

Last edited by Hiku - on 28 February 2018