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spurgeonryan said:

I am actually not really shy at all. It just seems I can barely talk to other men. Maybe because I do not watch sports or I do not even know. It also seems like this area Men just do not care to talk to anyone. They are on their Cell phones all the time. Get me a female though and I can talk to her forever. They talk too much.

Oh absolutely, I actually feel a lot more comfortable talking to women than men. I mean, I can talk to both genders, but I feel more at ease when talking to a female, and I also feel like there's a lot more I can talk about with them too... 

I also don't watch sports either, unless you class eSports as I like watching the Overwatch League, lol :P so it can be tricky picking conversations that aren't your usual go-to lines such as talking about the weather and stuff, lol :P